SCAREDY-CAT: Putin to Miss G20 Meeting for HUMILIATING Reason


As if things weren’t already embarrassing enough for Russia in 2022, there are now reports of Vladimir Putin’s own cowardice halting his plans for an important international summit.

Putin has been rather humiliated over the course of the last 9 months, as his invasion of Ukraine continues to falter in ways that very few of us would have imagined at the start.  His troops, often equipped with rusty rifles and tanks seven decades old, have begun abandoning their posts en masse, or even mutinying against their commanding officers.  All the while, the Ukrainian army has been running roughshod over those who chose to remain in the fight.

Now, in an even more ludicrous piece of news, Putin appears likely to sit out one of the most important international gatherings of the year due to his fear of being assassinated.

HUMILIATED Vladimir Putin will miss the G20 summit because he fears being assassinated, according to one pro-Kremlin commentator.

Sergey Markov said Putin is snubbing next week’s G20 summit in Bali over concerns he’ll be taken out by his critics.

His comments were unmistakable.

Posting hours after Russian troops were forced into a humiliating retreat in Kherson, Markov wrote: “1) There is a big possibility of an assassination attempt on Putin from the special services of the US, Britain and Ukraine.

“2) A possibility of humiliating situations. For example, some disabled social activist knocks Putin down – as if accidentally – and all world media splash a picture with a caption ‘President of Russia is down on all fours’.

“I am certain this kind of situation is being planned by some completely mad Westerners.

“3. After defeat in Kherson, Russia’s status as a great state is questionable. They will be putting pressure on, and demand soft capitulation.”

Putin’s nihilistic fatalism has been on full display in recent weeks, demonstrated most literally with his continued nuclear threats aimed at NATO and the west.