Russia’s New Soldiers Immediately Call Ukraine’s ‘Surrender Hotline’


It is still unclear how Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin expected to mobilize 300,000 troops, (which is a larger force than what he first invaded Ukraine with), as his first wave of soldiers continued to falter under the stress of inadequate supplies, 70-year-old equipment failures, and a desertion rate worse than that of a blow-out, sold-out ballgame where it takes 3 hours to get out of the parking lot after a game.

But still, Putin went ahead and began forcefully conscripting Russian citizens to act as target practice for the far-superior Ukrainian army anyway, and now those new recruits are looking to surrender as soon as their boots cross the border…and sometimes even before.

Andrii Yusov, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, said that the ministry’s hotline has received many calls from Russians who had recently been called up and who are now asking how to surrender to Ukraine.

Quote: “The hotline has received a lot of calls from Russians who were called up recently, and even from some who have even been called up yet. They’re calling and asking ‘What should I do if I get called up? What do I have to do, what’s the right way to surrender?’”

This cowardice has become a signature of the Russian army over the course of the last seven months, and there is no doubt that these reluctant reservists are going to keep that trend going for as long as Putin keeps sending them abroad.