Russian State TV: Here Comes Nuke War, ‘Everyone Dies’


Russia has long been unable to understand just how deadly serious the nuclear miracle really is.

Not only have they obscenely pushed the limits of what any weapon on the planet should do, but they’ve shrugged off major, inexorable nuclear disasters that will very literally be poisoning our planet long after our civilization has come and gone.

But, even now, the sick fetish that they seem to have about using a nuclear weapon is frightful.

Russian state media are saying nuclear war appears to be “a given” and “everyone will be destroyed” if the West “pushes us into a corner”.

One propagandist even suggested Western countries are the nuclear aggressors, when in reality it has only been Vladimir Putin ramping up nuclear rhetoric since the onset of the Ukraine war.

Another warned “taboos” associated with nuclear attacks “could be lifted in certain circumstances” by Russia.

The exchanges among commentators on Russian state TV were captured and translated by Julia Davis, a Russian media analyst.

Davis’ research was dumbfounding.

The comments have some in the international community concerned.

In comments translated by Davis, one commentator, Igor Korotchenko, said in front of a big screen backdrop of missile launches: “The West has to understand: if certain weapons exist, taboos and limitations on using them could be lifted in certain circumstances.”

The comments come as Russian citizens continue to revolt against Putin and the Kremlin, many of them facing 15 year or more in jail for protesting against the war.

Many other Russians are fleeing the country after Putin signed an order to involuntarily conscript 300,000 citizens into the armed forces for use in Ukraine.