Russian Army Seen Deploying Nuclear Missiles Toward Europe


Of all of the reactions that Putin has gotten for his illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine, perhaps none is more detrimental to his overall strategy than the inclusion of Finland and Sweden in NATO – a maneuver that appears to be a foregone conclusion at this point.

In fact, Putin suggested on several occasions that a stated goal of his was to ensure that Ukraine itself would not join NATO.  Now, with the Fins and the Swedes heading that direction, Putin is sending some serious hardware out east. 

RUSSIA has started deploying nuclear missiles toward its border with Finland in wake of the nation’s bold NATO bid.

Menacing mobile Iskander missiles were spotted being transported towards the dividing line as desperate Putin throws a troubling tantrum.

The situation was certainly tense:

The Russian despot had warned Finland and Sweden that joining the Western alliance would be a “mistake” – but they have so far snubbed his grumbles.

After being given the cold shoulder by the two notoriously neutral nations, he seems to be resorting to desperate measures to save face.

Moscow has made it clear they will suffer the consequences of joining NATO, boasting they could wipe out Finland in “ten seconds”.

Putin parroted the veiled hypersonic missile threats in a tense phone call with Finland – and now appears to be putting his money where his mouth is.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a difficult one for the Kremlin to manage, and Putin’s nuclear threats may be the only real military leverage that he has left.