Russia is Back At It With Another Anti-American Hack Attack

Given what we know of the Russian government attempts to provoke and prod the United States of late, there is little doubt that the Cold War may very well be coming back into our daily lives.

Over the course of the last several years, Russian hackers and other online forces have waged a near-continues war against the United States in cyberspace.  Some were aimed at influencing our electoral process, while others were far more intrusive, attempting to glean highly sensitive materials from US government officials through the hacking of a massive email security system.

Now it appears as though these efforts are again ramping up.

The Russian hackers thought to be behind the catastrophic SolarWinds attack last year have launched another major cyberattack, Microsoft warned three weeks before President Joe Biden is to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Microsoft said in a blog post Thursday that the hacking group, known as Nobelium, had targeted over 150 organizations worldwide in the last week, including government agencies, think tanks, consultants and nongovernmental organizations.

They sent phishing emails — spoof messages designed to trick people into handing over sensitive information or downloading harmful software — to more than 3,000 email accounts, the tech giant said.

At least 25% of the targeted organizations are involved in international development, humanitarian and human rights work, said Tom Burt, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of customer security and trust.

Biden and Putin are set to meet in just a few weeks, with the US President having already intimated on several occasions that the summit may be a tense one.

Russian officials have brushed aside that vitriol in typical Kremlin fashion, however, stating that the United States shouldn’t expect much movement out of this meeting.