Russia Afraid to Use Advanced Jets in Ukraine for INSANE Reason


Vladimir Putin can’t seem to get anything right when it comes to his failing and unwinnable invasion of Ukraine, and it appears to be taking its toll on his decision making processes.

The latest evidence of this comes to us from the skies over Ukraine, which has been conspicuously absent of the Kremlin’s most advanced equipment…and for a humiliating reason.

Russia is holding back on using its most advanced fighter jets over Ukrainian airspace because it’s scared they’ll get shot down, the UK’s defense ministry said on Monday.

In its latest intelligence update, the defense ministry said Moscow had “almost certainly” used Su-57 Felon fighter jets to conduct missions against Ukraine since at least June.

“These missions have likely been limited to flying over Russian territory, launching long range air-to-surface or air-to-air missiles into Ukraine,” the brief said.

The reasoning will further embarrass Putin and his cronies.

It suggested that Russia’s keeping its jets on home soil because it’s “avoiding the reputational damage, reduced export prospects, and the compromise of sensitive technology which would come from any loss of FELON over Ukraine.”

The twin-engine and single-seat aircraft is Russia’s most advanced fifth-generation supersonic combat jet.

Key figures in the Russia defense sector have suggested that the Felon has been used in Ukraine, but there is no supporting evidence for such claims.

And so the myth of Moscow’s military might continues to vanish into thin air.