REPORT: Trump Begins Prep for MAJOR 2024 Announcement


As a number of potential presidential candidates begin jockeying for position at the starting game of the 2024 election, one of the odds-on favorites is beginning to lose a step.

Donald Trump, who for months has been considered the presumptive candidate for the GOP in ’24, has begun to see his lead eroded by a number of recent polls – some of which were no doubt aimed at just this outcome.

Furthermore, up-and-coming competitors such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are reportedly meeting with some big name donors, setting up a potential challenger to Trump.

This is why the former President may be considering a drastic change of plans.

Donald Trump is looking at a fall announcement for his 2024 presidential candidacy, according to a report. Citing two unnamed advisers to the former president, The Washington Post says Trump is looking at September as the ideal month to fire the starting gun on his bid to reclaim the White House.

The move would be controversial to say the least.

He’s reportedly been advised for over a year not to announce his candidacy before the midterm elections in November, with Trump-backing strategists fearing he could be blamed for poor GOP results. But as rivals have gathered momentum, the divisive reality TV mogul has reportedly met with top donors to discuss his 2024 campaign.

So is Trump in a race against the clock, or just a race against the pollsters?  Only time will tell.