White House Releases Report On Maui Aid


There is bipartisan frustration growing over how President Joe Biden is handling the disaster in Maui as the death toll continues to rise.

What really set things off was when Biden replied, “no comment,” when asked about the blaze that wiped a historic city off the map.

The answer highlights the incompetence and lack of preparedness of the Biden administration. None of his aids thought to give him a flashcard or advise him what to say when asked.

This is a layup question. How hard is it to say, “Our hearts break for the people in Maui, and we are getting the resources there as fast as we can get them.”

Literally, that’s all the President had to say…but no, that’s not what happened.

The optics are getting worse.

On August 15, 2023, the White House pushed back on the criticism noting that they’ve provided 50,000 meals, 75,000 liters of water, 5,000 cots, and 10,000 blankets and shelter supplies to the county government for distribution.

The White House also bragged that they authorized a benevolent one-time payment of $700:

FEMA has also authorized Critical Needs Assistance (CNA) which provides a onetime payment of $700 per household to applicants who were displaced from their homes and have critical needs.

Seven hundred bucks, that’s a drop in the bucket.

Former Hawaii state Rep. mark Kaniela Ing, Democrat wrote a scathing social media post that he later deleted claiming Biden is acting out of character.

From Fox News:

“When things like this happen, it’s really the time to — if you do the kind of work I do, when the wave crests, you’ve got to paddle hardest,” he said. “When tragedies like this occur, it’s shocking to see people just conducting business as usual. … On the one hand, you don’t want everyone to be in a perpetual somber mood, but on the other hand, how can you just carry on like that?”

“I think everyone deserves some time to take care of themselves, wind down, but, as someone in leadership role, you need to be ready any moment to offer some empathy and solace and comfort to people that are facing a lot of trauma right now,” he said.

Kaniela Ing said he deleted his post because he thought Biden’s exchange with reporters may have been more nuanced than initially reported.

“Whether or not it was as dismissive as originally reported, it is quite disappointing,” he added, adding, “I would expect more.”

“He should be talking about what he’s done and what he will do,” he said. “The talking and offering words of solace and comfort, great. I’m not too hung up on that, to be honest. What I’m looking for is action.”

There are also reports from residents that aid either isn’t getting to them and locals trying to help are being blocked by officials. The report below details that a large military base is only around 40 miles away but as of the writing of this post have not been deployed to help.