Putin, Through Mouthpiece, Threatens World with Nuclear War Over Ukraine


There has never been much doubt about the sort of character that Vladimir Putin is trying to play on the world’s stage, and even the former KGB man is now allowing the mask to slip a bit.

It is widely believed that Putin will be sending the Russian military into Ukraine in the coming days, likely on Christmas Eve, (as if Santa didn’t need another reason to put him on the naughty list).

But, worse still, he’s been mouthing off about it too, daring the world to try and stop him.

This week, those threats went nuclear…literally.

Vladimir Putin primed Russia for war against Ukraine today, with his media mouthpiece warning NATO to back off or “everyone will be turned to ash”.

The Russian President told military chiefs and defence ministers Moscow will take “military measures” in response to tension with the West – as his troops amass close to Ukraine.

Putin was referring to a Western bid to bolster Ukraine with weapons and military training.

He said: “In the event that the clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues continues, we will take adequate retaliatory military-technical measures, and react toughly to unfriendly steps.

“And, I want to emphasise, we have every right to do so, we have every right to take actions designed to ensure the security and sovereignty of Russia.”

And that wasn’t all…

Today Dmitry Kiselyov, a media mogul known as Putin’s mouthpiece, warned US-led aggression could lead to a nuclear war.

He told NATO to back off, adding: “Otherwise, everyone will be turned into radioactive ash”.

Putin appears to be becoming either unhinged, belligerent, or both, and there are but a few nations on earth with the gravity to stop him…but will they?