Putin Has Emergency Surgery, Retches While on Television


For weeks on end, the world has been trying to figure out if Vladimir Putin actually has any sort of exit strategy as it pertains to his invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has already suffered unparalleled and unprecedented sanctions, and with many more to come.  Their economy is crumbling, and Putin’s vanity is about to be tested en masse as his hungry people begin to see the light.

The conclusion that many observers have come to is that Putin has no real plan to end this thing, nor does he really have any reason to believe that he’ll actually see the end of this thing.  In fact, a number of Kremlin insiders have already insisted that the Russian leader is dying of cancer, and some damning new evidence of that possibility has just reared its ugly head.

VLADIMIR Putin appeared to retch and splutter through a televised meeting today – sparking fresh fears for his health after claims he’s being treated for cancer.

The Russian president’s face looked bloated as he gripped the table in front of him during talks with Sergey Chemezov, head of state-owned defence giant Rostec.

Putin, 69, sat opposite Chemezov – an ally since their KGB days in the 1980s – amid rumours he is being treated for cancer.

He seemed to retch several times and struggle to speak throughout the clip released by Russian state TV.

And, even more worrisome for the Russia leader…

Explaining the reason for Putin’s absence on Friday, it added: “On the night of Thursday, May 12 to Friday, May 13, Putin underwent a surgical procedure to remove fluid from his abdomen.

It isn’t known whether this abdomen-draining procedure was part of cancer treatment.

Putin’s cancer diagnosis has been leaked to press several times, but the mainstream media already appears to have chosen to ignore and the controversial situation.