Putin Delivers ‘Sledgehammer’ Nuke Launcher to Ukraine


As the failing Russian army finds itself in an unwinnable and inescapable war in Ukraine, the Kremlin has turned rather desperate to save face.  This has largely meant that the troops who remain there, (who haven’t surrendered or deserted), have been resorting to ever-more diabolical behavior in an attempt to simply break the spirit of the Ukrainian people.

But, as their myriad war crimes fail to weaken the resolve of Ukraine, it appears as though Vlad Putin is preparing to commit an atrocity that will almost surely lead to his downfall.

Russian forces suffering massive frontline losses have deployed the world’s largest nuke-capable mortar weapon to the battlefield.

Dubbed “the Sledgehammer” the 2S4 Tulip – or Tyulpan – self-propelled mortar is 240mm wide – twice the size of NATO mortars which are 120mm.

Transported on its own tracks, it has a range of 12 miles and is used to obliterate large fortifications, military equipment, or troop positions.

The Kremlin may attempt to use smaller nuclear weapons in an attempt to stave off complete international condemnation, but this is but a fool’s errand.

It is capable of firing nuclear bombs, although it is likely this would be limited to “micro-nukes” aimed at destroying an area the size of a football stadium.

The heavy mortar weapon has already seen service in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Syria, with devastating effects.

It can also fire armour piercing, laser-guided, and outlawed cluster munitions, as well as tactical nuclear weapons.

Ukraine’s troops have been making incredible advances on the eastern front of the war, with leaders there suggesting that they may have the wherewithal to take back Crimea during this campaign – an area that was illegally annexed by Russia back in 2014.

Any use of nuclear weapons by the Kremlin would almost surely lead to the demise of Vladimir Putin, as the Russian people continue to grow weary of his failed war, and with the international community unlikely to abide by such an atrocity.