Putin Christens Powerful New Weapons as Ukraine War Turns Desperate


The Kremlin is running out of time and resources to try to win their war in Ukraine, and it has forced Vladimir Putin into some rather desperate situations of late.

Russian troops have long given up on proceeding in Ukraine with any dignity whatsoever, as the morally-centered among them continue to desert and surrender at an alarming rate, leaving only the most barbaric and heinous to commit tens of thousands of war crimes in abject desperation.

Now, as reports continue to stream in regarding Moscow’s lack of munitions, Putin is gambling on a large military reveal to turn the tide, no pun intended.

Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw the commissioning of new warships and vowed Thursday to further strengthen his country’s navy.

“We will speed up and increase the volumes of construction of ships of various projects, equip them with the most modern weapons, and conduct the operational and combat training using the experience received during the special military operation,” Putin said, referring to Russia’s 10-month-old campaign in Ukraine.

The newly commissioned vessels included a corvette, a minesweeper, and the Generalissimus Suvorov nuclear submarine. The submarine armed with Bulava nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles is the sixth submarine of the new Borei-class to join the Russian navy.

On top of that, Putin also oversaw the launch of a new nuclear submarine, the Emperor Alexander III, that will be fully commissioned after a trial period concludes.