Putin and Pals Head for Nuclear Bunkers in Concerning Development


The only thing more dangerous than Vladimir Putin might be a cornered Vladimir Putin, and recent developments in Ukraine have many wondering if the Kremlin cretin may be turning unhinged as the days roll on.

His military has been thoroughly vexed in Ukraine – a development that has shocked the world.  Moscow’s military might has long been considered one of the most fearsome in the world, particularly to Americans who remember the glut of anti-Soviet movies and propaganda that stained the 80’s and 90’s.

But with ordinary Ukrainians seemingly able to repel the Red Army with ease, Putin’s back is now against the wall, and there are fears that he and his commanders’ recent relocation to several nuclear bunkers in rural parts of the country could spell trouble.

Since Putin launched his ruthless invasion of Ukraine last month (February 24), his whereabouts have been unknown.

But movements of planes used by top Kremlin officials show Putin may be in a hideaway near Surgut in western Siberia, it is claimed.

His defence minister Sergei Shoigu – who has been mysteriously absent for several weeks sparking rumours about his health – is believed to be in a bunker near Ufa in the Urals, 725 miles east of Moscow, said investigative journalist Christo Grozev.

Grozev appeared fairly certain.

The use of the high-security bunkers – if confirmed – is alarming and suggests Putin may be preparing to deploy nuclear weapons, and move that would lead to inevitable reprisal.

Grozev – who has links to British investigative outlet Bellingcat – said: “I am absolutely sure that Shoigu is in a bunker.

“Tracking the movement of his plane, we see very frequent flights to Ufa.

“Knowing that there are also protected bunkers in this region, this gives an obvious answer about his place of residence.”

A nuclear strike on Ukraine would almost certainly change the calculus of this already bizarre conflict, and could draw NATO and the west ever further into the situation.