Putin Ally’s Daughter Killed with Car Bomb in Russia


As Russia continues to inflict horror, terror, and genocide on the people of Ukraine, the repercussions that they are facing continue to grow ever more severe.

The world itself is turning against Russia wholesale on account of their behavior in Ukraine, as sanctions and protests continue to weaken the Kremlin’s positioning on the global stage.

Now it appears as though there is a bit of violent vigilantism beginning to coalesce as well.

The daughter of a Russian political philosopher was killed in a car bomb Saturday night that was meant for him, officials said. Russian criminal investigators said they were investigating her death as a murder.

Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and strategist behind Russia’s ongoing war effort in Ukraine, was killed when a bomb meant for him detonated in their vehicle, Russian news agency TASS reported.

Dugina, 29, was leaving a music and culture festival outside Moscow in their SUV when the bomb went off.

The Putin pal narrowly escaped death himself.

Dugin attended the festival but was not in the vehicle at the time of the explosion. Some Russian outlets reported he was supposed to ride in the vehicle but switched at the last minute.

Russian officials have already concocted a suspect in the case, blaming a new-to-Russia Ukrainian woman for the blast, but the Kremlin’s long history of untruths and propaganda has made it difficult to accept this conclusion as fact.