Pundits React to Fetterman’s Debate Struggles After Stroke


A midterm race for one of Pennsylvania’s Senate seats has taken a mighty turn this week, after former Lieutenant governor John Fetterman appeared to struggle during a televised debate.

Fetterman suffered a stroke earlier in the race, and was sidelined for some time.  Still in recovery, the Democratic candidate is said to be having some listening and comprehension problems, and the debate team made some accommodations for him by way of closed-captioning teleprompters.

But still, many who watched the debate believed that Fetterman may not be recovered enough to remain in the race.

Media figures and conservatives reacted to Democrat John Fetterman’s debate performance against Republican Mehmet Oz during the debate on Tuesday night, calling it a “sad” disaster.

As Breitbart News reported, Fetterman had a poor showing during the debate, mostly due to his speech disabilities stemming from a stroke earlier this year. Routinely, Fetterman struggled to give coherent responses to moderator questions as he confused words and paused awkwardly.

Reporter Charlotte Alter of TIME called the debate a “disaster” while MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called it “painful.”

On Wednesday, Fetterman’s team began to suggest that there were issues with the closed-captioning system, blaming some of the candidates performance woes on technical issues.