Psaki Comments On Hunter Drama


Ha! This is funny.

Recently, Hunter Biden was supposed to appear before Congress but held a press conference in DC instead.

After drying the House Oversight Committee, he did his dad no favors.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that the White House desperately wants Hunter to stop talking.

“Look, I think If you’re sitting in the White House right now, you’re like, ‘Please, Hunter Biden, we know your dad loves you. Please stop talking in public.’ This is not helpful to any of them for him to be out there, but at the same time, the president loves his son,” Psaki said. “That takes precedent over anything else. That is appealing.”

She added that those in the White House likely want him to “go away right now.”

Additionally, Joe’s own words are coming back to haunt him.

In October of 2021, on the White House lawn, Biden delivered a stern message to anyone who would defy a congressional subpoena.

“Do you have a message to people who defy congressional subpoenas on the January 6 Committee?” a reporter asked Biden.  “I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable criminally,” the president said at the time.

A Republican consultant, Preya Samasundar, said this investigation is about getting to the truth.

“They’re not just going to do what the Democrats did during the four years under Donald Trump; they’re not just going to jump at the opportunity to impeach someone they don’t like,” Samsundar said. “They want to make sure that they’re getting the necessary evidence that they’re making sure that they’re lining up all of their ducks. So when they do come out with a determination one way or another, they have a reason behind it, that they have the facts behind it. And I think that process should be allowed to play out.”