Kamala Harris Press Conference Gets A Lot Of Attention


After what Vice President Kamala Harris recently said about Israel and the ceasefire, one must wonder if she was trying to torpedo Biden.

At the end of the ceasefire, Hamas claimed that an Israeli attack killed 200 people, and the VP was asked if she thought it was acceptable.

Kalama said that she doesn’t know “exactly who was killed,” but then claimed Israel is intentionally killing civilians.

Kamala said: “I don’t have the details to tell you exactly who was killed, but I will say this. We have been very clear about where we stand on this. Which is, innocent civilians lives should not be intentionally targeted and that Israel must do more to protect innocent life in Gaza and innocent civilians in Gaza.”


Below was another quote that the White House is going to have to explain as well.


On December 3, 2023, when the White House National Security. council spokesman John Kirby was asked why the ceasefire ended. He blamed Hamas.

“We just don’t have perfect visibility,” Kirby said. “We’re at this literally by the hour, and we want to get that [cease-fire] put back in place so that, again, more hostages can come out.”

“Hamas is the reason that the pause ended, because they refused to put on the list additional women and children that we know that they are holding and they’re refusing to let go,” Kirby said. “We are working literally by the hour to see if we can get this back on track.”

Kirby was also hit with more far-left talking points, but they didn’t phase him.

“What’s being done with U.S. military and security assistance is helping our friend and partner, Israel, go after a truly genocidal threat, a threat posed by Hamas,” Kirby said in response. “And I think it’s just too easy as we get further and further and further away from the 7th of October to forget what happened on that day: 1,200 Israeli literally slaughtered, kids in front of their parents, parents in front of their kids. And we’ve got to help Israel eliminate their threat to the Israeli nation and the Israeli people from that threat, from Hamas, and we’re going to keep doing that, absolutely.”

What Kamala said and what Kirby said are only a few days apart. The administration seems to be at odds with each other.