POTUS Signs New Executive Order Essentially Banning Certain Social Media Platform

President Trump has had a tumultuous relationship with social media, weaponizing both Twitter and Facebook for his own cause.

As far Twitter is concerned, there is no more powerful or prolific user than Trump, with the Commander in Chief utilizing the platform to push his agenda in real-time, pushing back against the grain whenever necessary.

Facebook has had its phases, however, blasting Trump’s advertising team one week while looking the other way otherwise.

Now, a social media company from the far east is his target, the American teenagers are not going to be happy about it.

President Trump on Thursday invoked his emergency economic powers to impose broad sanctions against TikTok, a move that steps up pressure on the Chinese-owned app to sell its U.S. assets to an American company.

In the order, which takes effect in 45 days, any transactions between TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, and U.S. citizens will be outlawed for national security reasons.

In practice, experts told NPR the order likely will mean the viral video service could no longer receive advertising from American companies and the app could be removed from Apple and Google’s app stores.

For the more than 100 million Americans who have downloaded TikTok, experts say the app may no longer be sent software updates, rendering TikTok unmanageable, and eventually nonfunctional, with time.

Trump has already threatened TikTok with this sort of action, but digresses after offering their parent company 45 days to facilitate a deal in which Microsoft buys them outright.

The wait was apparently too much for No. 45.