Portland Police Struggling to Remove Armed Insurrectionists in Autonomous Zone

Over the spring and summer, as the George Floyd-inspired racial revolution came to the streets of America, the far-left began to employ some new tactics in their fight against the establishment.

One of these tactics was the creation of so-called “autonomous zones”, where police and other officials were not to tread.  The most famous of these was the CHAZ, later renamed the CHOP, in Seattle’s Cap Hill district.

Now, in Portland, Antifa-allied activists have taken this idea to the next level, barricading themselves in a new autonomous zone, complete with armed guards, a kitchen, and a stockpile of weapons.

A group of protesters barricaded in Portland, Ore., in and around what’s known as the “Red House” seemed to be setting up for a long fight, a guest told Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night.

A group of Antifa activists recently set up an “autonomous zone” in a two-block radius around a house in north Portland that was lost to foreclosure after a two-year battle, guest Jason Rantz, a Seattle radio show host, told Carlson during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“The family is Black and indigenous and so the primarily White Antifa residents believe that this is an example of gentrification,” Rantz said.

Rantz then described the preparedness of the protesters.

“And right now they are barricaded. They’ve got a stockpile of weapons. They’ve got armed guards. They’ve got a kitchen ready,” Rantz said, “so they’re there for the long haul as the Portland police department are trying to figure out what exactly they’re going to do.

“But [police] are amplifying the urgency of the messaging, saying, ‘You guys have to leave peacefully, we’re not going to put up with this.’ So we could potentially see action from the police within the next 24 hours.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has given the police force a wide berth, proclaiming that they may use whatever force is necessary to send the Red House rabble-rousers scurrying.