POLL: ‘Dark Brandon’ Bombs as ‘Soul’ Speech Rejected by Americans


Last week was a turning point in the Joe Biden presidency, but not in the way that many strategists at the White House had predicted.

The Biden administration’s marketing team had attempted to tap into a Twitter trend known as “Dark Brandon”, which had leftists embracing the idea of the President turning combative and ugly in his rhetoric.  When the Hellish lighting came up last Thursday, “Sleepy Joe” turned belligerent, insisting that the MAGA Movement was a “threat to democracy”, and rejecting the notion of having a diversity of opinion in American politics.

And while the punditry was quick to push back against the irresponsible message, it took a few days for polling to show that America as a whole was not enthused either.

Fifty-six percent of general election voters view President Joe Biden’s speech, where he cast Republicans as “threats to the foundations of our republic,” as unacceptable, a Tuesday Trafalgar Group poll found.

The poll asked respondents, “What is your opinion of President Biden’s recent primetime address to the nation in which he accused his political opponents of representing ‘an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic’?”

Fifty-six say the speech “represents a dangerous in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amounts Americans.” Only 35 percent say the speech was “acceptable campaign messaging that is to be expected in an election year.” Nearly 8 percent have no opinion.


Moreover, nearly 20 percent of Democrats viewed the speech negatively. Sixty-two percent of independents agreed that it represented “a dangerous in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amounts Americans.” Eighty-nine percent of Republicans oppose the speech.

The news proves, once again, that the Democrats are not only out of touch these days, but also dangerously drunk on this new angst.

In a nation as divided as we are today, that’s not only dangerous, but downright disturbing as well.