POLL: Biden Reelection Campaign Finished Before it Even Started


Joe Biden’s presidency is truly beginning to feel like a failed experiment, and it does not bode well for either of the upcoming national elections.

In fact, Biden’s inability to make any headway on our current economic crisis has overtaken abortion as the number one issue in the coming midterms, which has given a massive advantage to the Republican Party.

And, as far as 2024 goes, there aren’t a whole lot of Americans left who’d like to see him run again.

Only 26 percent of likely voters want to see His Fraudulency Joe Biden run for reelection in 2024, according to the latest from Rasmussen Reports.

The question was asked simply: “Should Joe Biden run for reelection in 2024?”

Only 26 percent said yes, while a whopping 60 percent said no. Fourteen percent don’t know.

And it gets worse.

Biden is even in trouble with Democrats. Only a plurality of forty-four percent said yes to Biden’s second term, while 40 percent said no.

Among black voters, Biden is in real trouble. A majority, 56 percent, do not want Biden to run again. Only 30 percent do. Black voters are the voters who put Biden over the top in the 2020 primary.

The news comes as a number of prominent Democrats have begun the prerequisite posturing process ahead of 2024, including California Governor Gavin Newsom who has already begun to run television ads in states other than his own.