Police Assaulted, Leftist Crash Into Nashville Capitol – WATCH


Angry protesters descended on the Tennessee capitol Thursday, calling forgun control now in response to the horrific attack on a Christian school earlier this week.

The group of protesters, which included both gun safety advocates and gun rights supporters, expressed their passion and determination to create a safe society. The group demanded tougher background checks and other measures to prevent gun violence in the state. They organized a peaceful march, with several speakers taking the stage to share their stories and experiences. The protesters also held up signs that expressed their frustration and demanded action from the state government

A tweet from Jack Posobiec is calling today’s events the “3rd Transurrection” as these protesters flooded into TN’s capitol.

But what these protesters dont understand is that the attackers weapon of choicea pistol caliber carbineis already heavily regulated.

The attacker was a 28yearold transgender individual and the gun was legally obtained. This means that further gun control measures would likely not have made any difference in this event. 

Also, what the protesters don’t know is that Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) are introducing legislation to set aside $900 million in grants that schools can use to hire off-duty police officers, retired officers, and veterans, for campus security.

The tragedy of this attack cannot be overstated, but it is important to recognize that further gun control may not have made a difference in this situation. The attacker had already passed all the necessary background checks and obtained the weapon legally.

Rather than focusing on further gun control measures that would do nothing to prevent such attacks, we should focus on measures that can help to make schools safer. That is why the legislation proposed by Senators Blackburn and Hagerty is so important.