PHOTOS: YouTuber Discovers Massive Primate Skull in Prime Bigfoot Territory


In the strange of sordid world of Bigfoot research, those who’ve been in the game for any significant amount of time will be able to recall any number of hoaxes marking the passage of time of the entire field.

There have been a number of completely fictitious sightings reported.  There have been hair samples and tissue samples and even an entire body once put on display for all the world to glare at, almost allowing ourselves to believe that the beast could be real…at least until DNA evidence comes back or the tag on the Halloween costume is discovered.

This week, skeptics are beginning to wonder if yet another alleged discovery in the wilds of Canada will turn out to be the latest suspected sasquatch hoax, or if a YouTube star just came across a rather significant discovery.

A popular YouTube personality claims to have found a massive primate skull that had allegedly been buried somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and while some suspect that it could be the remains of a Bigfoot, seasoned researchers have expressed considerable doubt about the fantastic tale. The very strange case came to light on Thursday evening when wildlife video star Coyote Peterson made an astounding post on Facebook (seen below) wherein he shared several photos of the cranium in question and detailed its discovery. According to the YouTuber, he stumbled upon the skull while exploring a “deep back forest ravine” in British Columbia that had recently been disturbed by a massive storm.

There was further analysis forthcoming.

Initially thinking that the skull was that of a bear, Peterson proceeded to remove the remains from the ground and, upon getting a closer look at it, concluded that it actually came from a primate. Intriguingly, in his original announcement, the YouTuber said that he and his team smuggled the specimen “through customs and the TSA,” though that ill-advised admission was later excised from his account with Peterson now simply saying that the skull is “currently in a secure location awaiting primatologist review.” The YouTube personality went on to express concern that “government or state park officials” will somehow force the pictures to be removed from Facebook, but assured his fans that “the skull is safe.”

Peterson did provide some photos of the find on Facebook as well.

Skeptics still weren’t convinced, however, and there were concerns that the skull may be a replica purchased online and planted in the remote wilderness either by Peterson or someone else.