PHOTOS: Bodies in Ukrainian Mass Grave Appear to Have Been Tortured


As Russia rolled their rusty and antiquated equipment into Ukraine seven months ago, it didn’t take long for the world to realize that once-mighty Moscow was about to take a rather large “L”.

Russia soldiers, many of whom suggested that they have been duped into invading Ukraine by their commanders, were abandoning the army in droves, surrendering to Ukrainians en masse, and being videotaped crying on the phone with their mommies as their captors let them call home.

And so, in an effort to save face, Vladimir Putin turned to the butchers and the barbarians, inciting a genocide that we likely won’t understand the true depravity of until this horrid conflict is long over.

The latest evidence of their inhumane behavior comes to us from Izium – a recently liberated city in the eastern portion of Ukraine.

Some of the bodies found at a mass burial site in Izium, an eastern Ukrainian city recently recaptured from Russian forces, showed “signs of torture,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday, blaming Russia for what he called “cruelty and terrorism.”

Authorities found 440 unmarked graves at the largest burial site found in Izium, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Friday.

Zelensky posted a photograph of the ongoing exhumation in Izium on his Telegram channel. In a text accompanying the picture, Zelensky wrote: “The whole world should see this. A world in which there should be no cruelty and terrorism. But all this is there. And its name is Russia.”

And then, in a demonstration undeniably reminiscent of the end of World War II…

Zelensky said earlier Ukrainian and international journalists would be shown the site to see what had been uncovered. “We want the world to know what is really happening and what the Russian occupation has led to,” Zelensky said.

Images from the scene were soon spreading on social media, but we must warn you:  Some of the photos below are difficult to view.

Russia is already being investigated for over 15,000 war crimes in Ukraine, with many more certainly on the way.