Pelosi Interview Sends Mixed Messages


Rep. Nancy Pelosi gave an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash and she may have made Biden’s problems even worse.

Bash asked Pelosi why Americans don’t believe Biden’s claims about the economy.

“Well, a lot of it’s about messaging, of course,” Pelosi said. “I’m so proud of this president. In the two years that we were in the majority working with him, he broke all records, on the level with a Lyndon Johnson or a Franklin Roosevelt, in terms of the caliber of legislation that he passed for the good of the people, lowering prescription drugs, again, cutting in half – as you indicate, cutting in half unemployment.”

“This president did such a remarkable job,” Pelosi claimed. “He is a person of such knowledge, such vision for the country, such knowledge of the issues, such strategic thinking and such a legislator, and, on top of it all, a person who connects with the American people.”

“He just has to get out there,” she continued. “It’s a busy job being president. I can say that as being speaker. You’re doing your work. But he’s just going to have to make sure the American people know at that kitchen table what this means to them, in terms of jobs and pay, reducing inflation.”

So according to Pelosi, the President isn’t telling the American people how good of a job he’s doing.

Oh really?

President Biden just gave a big speech in Pennsylvania on Bidenenomics, and before that, has done at least two others.

The problem the President is facing is that Americans are not experiencing what Biden claims is taking place.

Interest rates are increasing, and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Meanwhile, Joe says everything is great.