Nancy Confuses French Prez with Brag About How Many Hot Dogs She Eats


There is no denying that our “public servants” have evolved over the decades, from good-willed leaders and organizers, to a ruling class that spends more time padding their pockets than they do serving their constituents.  This is simply the unfortunate reality of the current situation, and it’s made many of these folks simply kooky.

They’re not like you and I.  They’re the people from the mansions on the hill, working on The Hill, and creating ever more incestuous ways in which to interact.  Their entire careers are spent inside of a bubble that would bewilder the average American, were you to drop them suddenly into the middle of a Beltway cocktail party.

And, thanks to this strange circumstance, our elected officials really aren’t all that compatible with other humans beings, and their attempts to “fit in” are getting all the more desperate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed her habit of eating a hot dog in the House Democratic cloakroom every day to French President Emmanuel Macron last week.

Pelosi made the comment during a Friday state dinner at the White House in a conversation with Macron and his wife, as well as President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, was also reportedly in attendance and turned the conversation toward American cuisine, according to The New York Times.

The younger Pelosi reportedly pressed Biden to reveal his favorite American staples.

Madam Speaker couldn’t help but chime in, allegedly.

“He said: ‘Hot dogs, ice cream and spaghetti,’” Alexandra said. She then reported that her mother had jumped in to say she eats a hot dog on Capitol Hill every day. Macron and his wife reportedly appeared puzzled at the comment.

Pelosi’s bizarre brag once again appears to demonstrate the divide between our elected officials in their constituents…even when it comes to having a normal conversation with someone.