Press Secretary Takes Questions After House Oversight Committee Update


On December 4, 2023 the House Oversight Committee led by Rep. James Comer released a statement.

Comer reported that the committee has evidence that Hunter Biden’s business, Owasco P.C., made monthly payments to Joe Biden.

Chairman Comer believes that they can now add the claim that Biden “never got direct money” to a “list of lies” told by the Biden administration.

After the news broke, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the payments.

A reporter asked: “Thank you. The White House has said repeatedly that the President and his son were never in business together. They’ve said that repeatedly also in this room. According to bank records obtained by the House Oversight Committee, though, one of Hunter Biden’s businesses, Owasco PC, set up direct payments to the President. Did the President accept payment? And why would there be such an arrangement if they were never in business together or if there was a wall of separation, as the President has previously said?”

“So, I have to be clear with you: I — I have not seen that report, so I would have to refer you to my colleagues over at the White House Counsel’s Office on that particular question,” KJP said. “All right, everyone. I’ll see some of you in Boston or on Wednesday.”

Then out the door she went.

There was another contentious moment during the briefing when KJP was asked about the President “giving up too much” negotiating with Republicans to get more aid for Ukraine.

“I — I — I’m just not — not going to.  That’s basically laying out what we agree with or don’t agree with of whatever is being discussed on the other side of Pennsylvania,” she said.

She then virtue signaled but then at the end said she didn’t want to get into specifics.