ICYMI: Pelosi’s Latest ‘Psychic’ Stock Move is Turning Heads


Doesn’t anyone find it a little bit strange that our elected officials are able to seemingly beat the notoriously unpredictable stock market with more than a modest modicum of certainty?

Is it not peculiar that our public servants are enriching themselves at an alarming rate while arguing over just how much relief the rest of us will get from purse they hold the strings to?

This week brought us yet another example of this strange fiscal-psychic phenomenon, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband had some sort of premonition about Nvidia stock, cutting his losses at a rather convenient time.

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., dodged an extra 20% loss by selling his Nvidia stock in July before the U.S. placed restrictions on the company in August, according to documents.

According to congressional stock trade records, Pelosi’s husband unloaded 25,000 shares of the semiconductor manufacturer July 27.

The sale came as the speaker faced intense scrutiny over her husband’s purchase of the share ahead of the CHIPS bill.

Nearly a month later, on Aug. 26, the federal government placed restrictions on Nvidia doing business with China and Russia.

The Pelosi family has long received criticism for their preemptive stock trades, and they’ve been so desensitized to it that they no longer appear willing to put in the effort to hide their economic clairvoyance.