Pacific Coast Yeti Invasion Leaves Beachgoers Stunned from Alaska to California


The west coast of these United States has had a long history of strangeness, and perhaps a leftover bit of its wild and rugged history still permeating the culture.

This is a place tamed decades after the America-birthing cities of Philadelphia and Boston and New York we already hustling and bustling and building tall buildings.  This is the land of golden dreams, whether that means striking gold up in Alaska, making it big in Hollywood, or maybe even catching some incredible footage of mythical sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest.

Or, if you’re really lucky, you may just find yourself having a Yeti sighting of your own…and take one home.

After the Zim Kingston freight ship spilled shipping containers in rough seas last October, residents of coastal Alaska are finding remnants of its lost cargo along the shoreline — primarily high-end, Yeti brand coolers.

Hundreds of the luxury coolers, which range from $250 to $750 each, have been washing onto beaches with moderate wear on the outside, but in near-mint condition inside, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“We started to hear reports of some of these coolers ending up on the shores of Alaska, Seattle, and beyond late last year when fans posted their finds on social media,” Matt Reintjes, Yeti president and chief executive told The Wall Street Journal, adding that the company lost approximately 1,600 coolers from the Zim Kingston freight.

Some folks were making out like bandits.

The unusual beach debris has caught the attention of locals, some of whom have made it a hobby to search for treasures along Alaska’s 6,640 miles of coastline. One resident told The Wall Street Journal he had found 19 Yeti coolers and four others from different brands while searching.

As for how long the sightings could go on for, one expert predicted that people could be finding some of these mythical coolers for the next 30 years, as the freight ship’s spilled load continues to ride the current and circle the globe.