Olbermann on 2A: ‘Keep and Bear’ Doesn’t Mean You Can ‘Own’ a Gun

Our nation has been forced to endure any number of attacks on the Second Amendment over the years, as progressives push a number of wild theories about just how best to make it a nuisance to bear arms.

This week, one of the nation’s most progressive pundits has begun to suggesting simply insane in regard to the inalienable right, and it has some Twitter users furious.

Mr. Olbermann made his legal claim in a video he posted to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon before that evening’s baseball All-Star Game in Denver, where authorities had earlier arrested four people over a stash of long guns and ammunition.

“Consider again the holy Second Amendment to the Constitution and ask yourself this question. Why doesn’t the 2nd Amendment have the word ‘own’ in it? Why does it not say the right to own guns or a synonym for own?” he asked sarcastically before reciting the existing amendment.

Then, even more succinctly:

It says “‘keep and bear’ … not ‘own.’ ‘Keep’ doesn’t mean ‘own’; ‘bear’ doesn’t mean ‘own,’” he said to his close-up camera.

In his tweet promoting the video he declared that “the 2nd Amendment does NOT authorize gun OWNERSHIP!”

The Second Amendment “isn’t about gun ownership, it’s about regulation of state militias,” he said on the video. “Yet thousands of us die every year buried under this same [expletive].”

Social media users quickly pounced on the idea, suggesting time and again the Olbermann could prove this ridiculous stretch of an idea as false were he willing to simply look up the definition of the word “keep” in the dictionary.