Oklahoma Hunting Bounty Tops $3 Million…But There’s a Catch!

Maybe it’s the fact that most of us are carrying around the burden of 2020 with us still, wondering when the next deadly or disastrous incident will be coming our way, but it has felt at times like the lines between reality and the other are getting blurry.

For the first time in our lifetimes, an honest-to-god global pandemic took place over the course of the last year-plus.  Then, in the midst of that, we find out that America has a problem with something called murder hornets.  

Oh, and let’s not forget the unforgivably ugly 2020 presidential election either.

As we continue to move forward into 2021, it doesn’t seem as though the world is getting any less weird, however.

The Oklahoma lawmaker who created a controversial cash prize for the first person to capture a living Sasquatch in the state announced that the proverbial Bigfoot bounty has been increased to a staggering $3 million. State Representative J.J. Humphrey made the declaration during a session of the Oklahoma legislature on Wednesday as he was providing his colleagues with an update on the audacious idea which he first suggested as a Bigfoot hunting season back in January. “Who knew that that would go international and that we would gain so much attention,” he marveled at the worldwide headlines that followed his initial proposal.

Since that time, the concept has transformed into a plan wherein applicants could get ‘tracking licenses’ from the state’s tourism department with the express knowledge that they are not to kill Bigfoot, but can capture it alive and, if they do, they win the enormous cash prize. “We have started what may be the biggest promotion in the state of Oklahoma ever,” Humphrey proclaimed to the legislature, “this is turning out to be huge.” The lawmaker also noted that the attention surrounding the state’s strange embrace of Bigfoot has already brought dividends as a documentary crew had journeyed to Oklahoma to film a series on the famed cryptid.

While the bounty certainly sounds like a fair trade for bagging such a creature, the likelihood of someone cashing in on that prize isn’t too high at the moment.