Obama Responds To Attack On Israel


Recently, some Democrat members of Congress are called for the USA to “use its diplomatic might” for peace between Gaza and Israel instead of “continuing unconditional weapons sales and military aid to Israel.”

Well, this may come to a shock to Rep. Ilhan Omar but former President Barack Obama doesn’t agree.

“All Americans should be horrified and outraged by the brazen terrorist attacks on Israel and the slaughter of innocent civilians. We grieve for those who died, pray for the safe return of those who’ve been held hostage, and stand squarely alongside our ally, Israel, as it dismantles Hamas. As we support Israel’s right to defend itself against terror, we must keep striving for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike,” wrote Obama in a social media post.

This is a strong statement for Obama, in 2014, he wanted an immediate ceasefire after Hamas attacked Israel and was accused of withholding weapons to try and pressure them.

Then, how could we forget the Iran deal he made.

However, let’s be honest, you can’t ignore the brutality of the Hamas attack. Especially, when they filmed the violence and even uploaded it on the phones of the victims to social media.

So far, at least 900 people have been killed and 2,500 have been wounded.

As of the writing of this post, President Biden reported that 11 US citizens were killed.

For some good news, 30 people have been rescued.