Newsmax Interview Interrupted by Unexpected Visitor


Newsmax found themselves in a very sticky situation during a live interview on Monday night. As host Rob Schmitt was discussing the Iowa caucus and its potential impact on the 2024 presidential race, a man in nothing but his underwear strolled past the camera in what appeared to be someone’s living room. The man, donning only an undershirt and boxers, walked calmly past the guest, political consultant Dick Morris, who seemed unfazed by the unusual interruption.

Despite the clear distraction, Morris continued to give his analysis of the caucus results, claiming that former President Donald Trump’s victory was a “knockout punch” for the other candidates. He confidently predicted that Trump would also win the upcoming New Hampshire primary and defeat Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. However, as Morris spoke, the unidentified man nonchalantly made his way through the room, completely derailing the interview.

“I believe this is gonna be a very short presidential race,” Morris said. “I think this may be a knockout punch. I think that after this primary, New Hampshire is going to be heavily for Trump. Nevada always was. South Carolina will be, which I think will be a fatal blow to Nikki Haley because she’s from there. And then you have March 5 when 45% of America votes. And I think this will be over faster than a Mike Tyson fight.”

While Schmitt and Morris remained focused on the topic at hand, viewers couldn’t help but wonder who this mysterious man was and why he was interrupting their news program. With no explanation or acknowledgment from the host or guest, viewers were left scratching their heads and wondering if this was some sort of bizarre prank or technical glitch. But one thing was for sure, this unexpected cameo was certainly the talk of the town.

Despite the chaotic scene, Morris continued to give his assessment of the Iowa caucus results, insisting that the media would downplay Trump’s victory in an effort to support Haley. He confidently predicted that the race for the Republican nomination would be over sooner than a Mike Tyson fight, further cementing his belief in Trump’s dominance.

Daily Caller | New York Post