New York City Sued After Banning Man from Putting MAGA Flag on Car

Free speech is once again under the microscope here in the United States but, for some people, it feels like it’s under attack as well.

That’s thanks to the liberal media’s shunning of the MAGA movement, and social media’s nonchalant censorship of any political point that they don’t care for.  In a nation founded on the principle that free speech would be for the betterment of our union, we have technocrats, hiding behind their “private” legal status, arbitrarily deciding who is allowed to exercise the First Amendment.

And it’s not just online, as one New Yorker is learning in 2021.

A DIE-HARD Trump fan is suing a Long Island town for $25million after being ordered to take MAGA flags off his car.

Michael Wasserman claims Long Beach authorities are trying to “silence” him simply for being a Trump supporter.

Michael Wasserman says he is being silenced

Michael Wasserman says he is being silencedCredit: New York Post/Tamara Beckwith

The 62-year-old businessman is well-known for plastering pro-Trump flags and stickers on his home and two cars.

Now, the hardcore conservative has filed a $25million federal suit against the City of Long Beach, the chief of police, the city manager and a raft of police officers after officials ordered him to remove the paraphernalia on his cars.

“I believe the city is trying to silence me because I’m pro-Trump,” he told the New York Post.

Now for the real rub:  The city is creatively targeting Wasserman with an ordinance that would prevent someone from erecting a sign or billboard on a public street, claiming his car is often park on a public street.

And New York still pretends to wonder why everyone is leaving…