New Trump ‘Social Media’ Site Goes Online, But There’s a Catch

For months, as the mainstream social media world continued to shun him, Donald Trump was stewing down in Mar-a-Lago, plotting some form of revenge.

Obviously there is still a possible storyline in which Trump runs again in 2024 and shocks the world, but the likelihood of that occurring doesn’t feel terribly high at the moment.

So, after Facebook and Twitter banned him, Trump began suggesting that he’d take them on with a site of his own, oftentimes eluding to the possibility of a Trump-influenced social media network of his own.

Now, it appears as though this site has launched, but it’s definitely not what some folks were expecting.

After months of promising his own social media network for banned posters, former President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched a new section of his website — essentially a standard-issue blog.

The “platform” is styled like of Twitter but hosted as a running blog of Twitter-length commentary from Trump. People can sign up for post alerts on the platform through their email and phone numbers and are allegedly able to like them, although that function doesn’t appear to work as of publication. Users are also allowed to share Trump’s posts on Facebook and Twitter. The Twitter sharing option doesn’t currently work, but Facebook’s does allow people to share Trump’s posts.

“Generally, sharing content from the website reference is permitted as long as the material does not otherwise the Twitter Rules,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Verge on Tuesday. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Even though the platform formally launched on Tuesday, there are posts dating back to March 24th. Trump’s latest post is a video advertising his new platform, calling it “a place to speak freely and safely, straight from the desk of Donald J. Trump.” According to Fox News, Trump will “eventually” be able to communicate with his supporters directly, although it’s not clear how that will happen. Trump’s press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment

One can only hope that this is just a preliminary situation.