New Horror Film Has People Vomiting and Fainting in Theaters


We have now arrived smack dab in the center of spooky season, with the most macabre of holidays, Halloween, just a few scant days away.

This is the time of the year in which Americans find themselves naturally attracted to ghost stories, haunted hayrides, and horror films.  But that last category may have jumped the shark in 2021, and produced a film so grotesque that it defies the very concept of art.

A low-budget sequel film in the “Terrifier” film series is causing visceral reactions from moviegoers – with many viewers sharing they puked or passed out due to the goriness of the movie.

“Terrifier 2,” a horror film written and directed by Damien Leone, follows a resurrected Art the Clown that is looking to terrorize a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

Upon its release in select theaters, fans immediately started tweeting their reactions to the slasher movie.

Fans were delirious.

One person shared to Twitter, “My friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended.”

Another person wrote, “So I umm… just got done watching Terrifier 2.. and yeah, this has been the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. Like this s— is on a different level of sadistic. We were so stunned that we couldn’t even speak after it ended.”

One attendee shockingly revealed, “Terrifier 2 is so gory I puked in my popcorn.”

And while the news was certainly going to make for some good publicity, the film’s director clarified that these were genuine reactions to the film and not some underground marketing scheme.