New Filing Reveals Extent of Items Removed from Mar-a-Lago


Americans are ultra-curious about exactly what the FBI is going to claim that they found at former President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago during their lengthy and unprecedented raid, and Friday brought at least some semblance of information to them.

It was on Friday, three weeks after the raid itself, that a judge unsealed a more detailed list of just what the Bureau took from Trump’s Florida estate, and the information is raising a few more questions than answers.

The expanded property list gives further detail of the volume of material seized by agents in the search and how it was intermingled with seemingly innocuous items such as newspaper clippings, photographs, books and clothing. It describes hundreds upon hundreds of U.S. government documents collected by investigators without any classification markings that were grouped in some cases with only a few documents that bore classification markings ranging from Confidential to Top Secret/SCI (Sensitive compartmented information).

And also:

The inventory also reveals the government seized a number of folders they acknowledge were empty, but either had “CLASSIFIED” banners on them or were labeled “Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide.”

From Trump’s office alone, there were 43 empty folders seized with classified banners and 28 labeled ‘Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide.’ In the storage room, another 19 empty folders seized were either labeled classified or’Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide.’

The inclusion of the empty folders on the newly released inventory list has some in the liberal media turning to wild speculation, furthering their inane and well-debunked theory that Donald Trump is some sort of foreign agent.