New Boss At CNN Delivers Message To Staff Network, ‘Not Ready For The Future’


The resistance at CNN, who helped oust Chris Licht, thought they had won.

Licht started to clean house by getting rid of Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, and CNN+. On his first day, he challenged the network to be more balanced.

“Sadly too many people have lost trust in the news media,” Licht wrote in a memo to employees on his first day. “I think we can be a beacon in regaining that trust by being an organization that exemplifies the best characteristics in journalism: fearlessly speaking truth to power, challenging the status quo, questioning ‘group-think’ and educating viewers and readers with straightforward facts and insightful commentary, while always being respectful of differing viewpoints. First and foremost, we should, and we will be advocates for truth.”

What did Leitch in was hosting a town hall with former President Donald Trump. Following the event The Atlantic wrote a 16,000 word critical piece aimed at Licht that also punished him for daring to give the former president a platform.

Well, CNN now has a new boss, Mark Thompson and he didn’t mince words.

In a video to staff he said the news channel is “not ready for the future.” Although, he sugar coated it he told staff they need to “cover political news proportionately and fairly.”

“Let’s cover political news proportionately and fairly, but not be frightened of our own shadows,” he said.

Thompson is choosing his words wisely after he saw what the establishment inside CNN did to Licht. The new bossman at CNN was the direct general at the BBC and was the CEO at the New York Times.

On September 20, 2023 it was reported that CNN ratings made history but not in a good way. The network hit an all time low in a key demographics.

Oh, and another thing, has anyone seen Chris Wallace? LOL.