Nancy Pelosi Issues Monday Ultimatum to VP Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence is having one heck of a week.

First, there was the attempted assassination that he survived, after a band of pro-Trump loyalists stormed the Capitol and demanded that he “show himself”.  The group was furious that Pence would not adhere to President Trump’s wish for him to intervene in the certification of the electoral college’s results.

Now Pence has found himself in an even trickier predicament, as Nancy Pelosi is pushing for the veep to invoke the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump…or else!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued Vice President Mike Pence an ultimatum on Sunday night — invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump in the coming days or Democrats will proceed this week with impeaching the president for an unprecedented second time.

Pelosi made clear in a letter to her members that if Pence refuses to act, Democrats will immediately move to force Trump from office for his role in inciting violent riots at the Capitol on Wednesday linked to at least five deaths, including a police officer. Pence so far has shown no willingness to meet Democrats’ demands, making an impeachment vote almost certain this week.

Democrats’ effort to pressure Trump to resign or forcibly remove him from office comes as the president has just 10 days left in his term. But Pelosi and other top Democrats have not been deterred by the clock, saying that Trump is “unhinged” and a seditious threat to America who warrants immediate removal. A vote to impeach Trump could happen as soon as the middle of this week.

President Trump is said to be growing ever more isolated and aggravated in the White House after Twitter and Facebook have limited his ability to communicate with his followers in real time.