‘Q Clearance Patriot’ Posts Online for First Time in 2 Years


In what is perhaps one of the stranger stories in the modern political saga, a mysterious internet user called “Q”, (short for “Q Clearance Patriot”), began posting cryptic questions and posts on a number of websites, beginning with 4Chan.

As the general public began to pay attention to Q’s posts, a narrative appeared to be emerging.  Followers of Q deciphered what they believed to be evidence that Q was a high-level insider within the US government, and that the information coming down the information superhighway was describing a secret war between Donald Trump and the “Deep State”.

When Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, Q went silent…until now.

On Friday night, someone with access to Q’s login credentials posted on 8kun, the anarchic internet community where Q last posted in December 2020.

“Shall we play a game once more?” the first post marking Q’s return to the board read, signed “Q.”

The message was written in the same clue-like format as thousands of earlier Q posts, dubbed “Q Drops” by their fans, that led to the creation of QAnon in late 2017.

And that wasn’t all:

The Q poster followed up with two more messages on Friday night. Asked why they had disappeared for more than a year, they wrote, “It had to be done this way.”

“Are you ready to serve your country again?” Q wrote in another post. “Remember your oath.”

The news will likely reinvigorate a number of folks within the MAGA Movement, who’ve long been aligned with Q’s pro-Trump message.