MUST WATCH: Jet Ski Bros Extinguish Boat Fire with Fancy Maneuvers


Picture it:  You’re out at some small dive bar near Whiskey Island, which itself is near Cleveland, Ohio.

You’re munching on some bar snacks.  Peanuts, maybe popcorn – if you’re lucky.  Over the drone of the sudden Garth Brooks marathon playing on the juke box, you suddenly pick up a tinge of excitement from a few seats down.

“Yeah, that was us…on the news!”…or something to that effect.

Suddenly your interest is piqued by the frequencies of the sounds coming from that particular crowd.  And then you begin to piece together one of the wildest tales to have occurred on an Ohio body of water this entire week.

A boat fire near Cleveland was extinguished by Jet Skiers Tuesday night, and was streamed on Facebook Live.

It was David Peguero’s first time out on his Jet Ski this season.

“We were out riding and we saw the smoke,” Peguero said.

“I and my three friends drove out. I saw the captain of the burning boat getting off onto another fisherman’s boat. So that’s when I got real close and thought, let’s save the boat,” said Peguero.

Kelvin Toro of Cleveland got in line behind Peguero as they surrounded the boat and started splashing it with their Jet Skis.

“I was ready. Let’s go. At first I was just focused on making big waves and splashing it down,” said Toro.

The Facebook Live video shows Peguero, Toro, and another Jet Skier taking turns putting out the flames.

The video was something else.

No one was injured in the incident, but the Coast Guard was adamant in warning that the jet skiers had put themselves in danger in the process of putting out the fire.