MUST SEE: Stray Dogs Mysteriously Turning Blue and Pink in Certain City

There have been no shortage of sightings of mysterious creatures, often in places that they simply should not be, but the latest from one Russian city is far stranger than most cases of odd animals.

In Britain, for instance, there have been repeated reports of big cats roaming the wild, despite there never having been a native population or panthers in the UK.

Or in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where hundreds of people per year claim to have seen a hairy, mythical creature named “sasquatch” that allegedly resembles a 9-foot-tall gorilla that walks on two legs.

Now, a small city just a few hours from Moscow, the locals are reporting sightings of something even weirder:  Pink and blue dogs.

The bizarre phenomenon has occurred in and around the town of Dzerzhinsk, about 242 miles east of Moscow, near the abandoned Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo chemical plant that once manufactured highly toxic hydrocyanic acid, which is also a core ingredient in a once commonly used “Prussian blue” dye. Experts believe this detail may help explain why some pups are now blue through-and-through — including their excrement, according to vets.

Without clearer details, Dmitry Karelkin, head physician of Zoozashchita veterinary hospital, officially blamed the blue hue on “some kind of chemical,” which doesn’t appear to have harmed the animals physically.

Meanwhile, examiners from the Lobachevsky Research Institute of Chemistry at Nizhny Novgorod State University, as well as the Committee for State Veterinary Surveillance, found “no signs of irritating chemical burns,” while results from the blood and stool tests did not reveal significant toxicity.

Photos of the oddly-hued canines were soon circulating on social media.

The dogs will remain under observation for nearly three weeks in order to ensure that they aren’t being harmed by the dye.