MUST SEE: Michigan Dam Fails Amid Heavy Rains, Major Flooding Begins


For many, 2020 was already a bizarre and horrible year.  Beginning with the threat of World War III, and rolling directly into a global pandemic and economic stagnation, we are now being threatened with both murder hornets and the possibility of a Joe Biden presidency.

Now, to top it all off, a dam in The Wolverine State has failed, and is threatening to bring catastrophic flooding to an already soaked area.

Michigan experienced such intense flooding on Tuesday that people who lived near a dam in the state were forced to evacuate after a breach caused it to fail.

Two schools were used to house evacuees in the Midland area around 140 miles north of Detroit after the Edenville Dam suffered a breach, The Associated Press reported.

Red Cross worker Tom Restgate told The AP he received an alert on his phone informing him of the incident. More than 50 roads were shut down in the area as a result of the break.

State officials are reportedly eyeing Sanford Dam, south of Edenville, in anticipation of another rupture.

Images from the carnage were soon flooding social media.

And then, terrifyingly:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Michigan.