ICYMI: MSNBC Anchor Questions ‘Masculinity’ of Americans With Election Questions

There is no denying that American politics have eschewed much of their dignity in recent years, as our elected officials devolve into angry, troll-like creatures fond of cutting of their own noses to spite the taxpayers’ faces.

The savagery and unsophistication of the way that our politicians and pundits speak has been disheartening at best, demented at worst.

This week it was MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace who provided us with a shining example of just how pedantic she and her fellow mainstream media mavens could be.

Reporter Jacob Soboroff said, “Governor Newsom saying that the Republicans are trying to dismantle democracy and that he will accept the results of the election win or lose, full stop, a very different message than we heard from Larry Elder yesterday.”

This is where things get a wee bit touchy:

Wallace said, “You’re right. I worked for Dan Lungren, who was behind who never questioned the election results. I came up in politics in California working for Republicans who faced long odds, and not a single one of them ever debased the state’s voters. They never debased democracy itself. They were not sore losers. They were real men.”

She added, “I wonder, Jason Johnson if you can speak to the lack of masculinity in these male Republican candidates who can’t take a punch politically. They can’t win on the merits. They’re too weak and unpopular, so they cry foul, they cry rigged. It goes counter to all the over bogus machismo coming out of the sickest, most toxic elements of the political right.”

This insulting bit of not-so-subtle political chicanery is just another example of how the punditry has turned into professional wrestling, and MCNBC’s coverage moving forward should be taken with a rather sizable grain of salt.