MSM Freaks Over Biden Challenger


The woke media has been attacking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. since he announced his intention to run for the Democratic nomination for President. He is a Kennedy, but he has infuriated some in the mainstream left because of his positions against vaccines, in particular the COVID vaccine, and his book attacking former NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci. The Associated Press called him “anti-democratic” and even suggested he was linked with “anti-democratic figures and groups.”

Kennedy has at times invoked his family’s legacy in his anti-vaccine work, including sometimes using images of President Kennedy.

His sister Kerry Kennedy, who runs Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the international rights group founded by their mother, Ethel, said her brother has at times removed some of the content at her request.

She told the Associated Press in a 2021 interview her brother is “completely wrong on this issue and very dangerous.”

However, the outrage over Kennedy does not seem to be about vaccines, but rather his potential to draw people away from the establishment candidate and split the Democratic vote. CNN’s Jake Tapper even went so far as to call Kennedy a “healthcare menace”.

This kind of vitriol from the liberal media is not new. They have a long history of demonizing anyone who does not parrot the narrative they are pushing, from Donald Trump to Mitt Romney. In the case of Romney, they even went so far as to suggest he was endangering dogs.

The liberal media’s attempt to demonize and discredit Kennedy is an affront to democracy and free speech. The revelation that the government was flagging Kennedy to the Twitter police for his political views shows how fearful they are of Kennedy, and how far they are willing to go to silence those who do not conform to the liberal narrative.

From what we’ve seen before, the media’s attempts to discredit Kennedy will likely backfire, making him more powerful and attracting more interest in his candidacy. They are desperately trying to maintain control of the narrative, but the American people will not be so easily fooled.