Mitch Comes in Clutch with MASSIVE Additional Coronavirus Relief Funds


Americans are very much in it these days, working hard to socially distance ourselves while keeping our society up and running.

This is a bit of juggling that we never asked for, and there’s no training manual for such a thing – not in this modern economy.  The best examples we have are from at least 100 years ago.  If this thing continues to spread like some believe it could, then we’re going to have to go back several centuries in order to find a good comparison.

Luckily, this is the United States, where we understand that it’s a broad and diverse mosaic of Americans who make us tick.  In times of trouble, we are one angry, amoebic mass; impenetrable and incorruptible.

To top it all off, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is looking put the wind at our back as well with some hefty fiscal stimulus.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday evening introduced the coronavirus economic rescue legislative package.

The plan largely reflects the proposal outlined earlier by Breitbart news.

  • Cash for Taxpayers. The direct cash payments go to taxpayers based on 2018 tax returns. Individuals will receive up to $1,200, with the amount scaling down for individuals earning $75,000 or more. Those earning more than $99,000 will be ineligible.
  • More for Families. Married couples will get up to $2,400 and an additional $500 for every child. Payments decline after $150,000 of income, with the cap placed at $200,000.
  • Small Business Support. $300 billion for loan guarantees for small businesses.
  • Loan Guarantees for Airlines. $50 billion in loan guarantees for passenger airlines and $8 billion for air cargo shippers.
  • Other Business Sectors Hurt by Coronavirus. $150 billion for other businesses in areas or sectors hurt by the coronavirus, which is pretty much everyone and everywhere now.

The speed with which these proposals turned plausible calls into question a great deal of the lesser bickering we experienced earlier in the year, and in years past…if we’re being honest.

In spite of that slight, related complaint, there is no doubt that Americans will be quite happy to hear the news.