Mary Trump Says DOJ Has ‘One Week’ to Indict her Brother


Donald Trump has been at the center of countless probes, investigations, lawsuits, and congressional queries during his lifetime, from New York City elitists looking to stymie his real estate business, to a pair of impeachments during his presidency that both ended in acquittal.

And so it’s no wonder that the still-free, never-incarcerated former President would maintain the nickname “Teflon Don” because, quite simply, nothing ever sticks to him.

That is why the latest suggestion from his niece Mary Trump is so laughable.

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, gave a dire warning as the results of the midterm elections continued to roll in on Wednesday.

Trump was a guest on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show where she talked about the midterm results and the possibility of the former president announcing another bid for the White House in less than a week.

During the conversation, Trump expressed her wish that the Department of Justice would move swiftly on their decision whether or not to indict the 45th president.

“Are you hopeful? Not tomorrow, but in the near term, we’re going to see Donald Trump indicted for just one of his crimes — just pick any,” Obeidallah asked.

And then:

“I don’t know if I’m hopeful, but all I can say is he has to be, I don’t know whether he will be or not, but he has to be because if he isn’t, then much worse things are going to start happening,” Trump warned.

Mary then gave the DOJ a deadline…

“I guess it comes down to one — I guess if they feel that they have enough evidence to indict, which it would be shocking if they didn’t. Cause I think we all know that they did like two years ago,” she said.

“And two, just the — if they understand, what Donald’s about to do in terms of playing this very cynical card of, ‘If I’m announcing then any attack on me will be a political one.’ Right? Or ‘Any indictment of me will be politically motivated.’ So I think the DOJ has about a week. They cannot wait until Donald decides to announce. So again, hopeful or not, it’s what they have to do, whether they will do it or not. Unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine,” Trump concluded.

With Trump having escaped these sort of political attacks ad nauseam over the last several years, and with the DOJ having had years to put together a case worthy of charges, it just feels rather unlikely that this will be the week that Teflon Don finally goes down.