Mark Levin ANNIHILATES Joe Biden Over ‘Dictator’ Moves

Joe Biden’s presidency has been hanging by a thread of late, with a great many Americans wondering just what went so wrong.

The Commander in Chief is failing to juggle the numerous crises that have been thrust at him, from the coronavirus catastrophe, to the humanitarian disaster at the southern border, and now his own relinquishing of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

But it’s his vaccine mandates that have Fox News host Mark Levin suggesting that Biden is some sort of dictator. 

“Joe Biden gave a speech the other day, and he always walks off. He doesn’t take questions like he is some kind of a dictator, and he is the closest thing we’ve got to a dictator yet,” Levin asserted. “He certainly is. He gives a speech. He doesn’t communicate with the American people as equals. He doesn’t treat you as a citizen. He is basically yelling at you, condemning you, lecturing you. He’s filled with scorn. You are not doing what he told you to do. Eighty million of you are unvaccinated — you are the reason people are dying. You are the reason there is a spread. You are the reason that we have these variants, not him. Remember how he used to use blame Donald Trump for every death that occurred as a result of the coronavirus? Well, how many new vaccines have been developed under Joe Biden? None. How many are under development? None that I know of. How about therapeutics? Many were developed under Donald Trump — none that I’m aware of right now.”

Levin then suggested that Biden’s lack of experience in the private sector was a possible reason for his unimpressive handling of the coronavirus crisis, as the President threatened small and medium business owners with retaliation should they not comply with these COVID mandates.