Marine’s Relax Standards Temporarily Due To Shortage


It appears that the Marines may be facing a shortage in camouflage uniforms, resulting in some service members trading their cammies for alternate uniforms. This is due to a manufacturing shortage and has left some Marine recruits and active members unable to purchase the woodland-patterned uniforms.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Eric Smith, has authorized local units to use desert cammies until the shortage is over. However, the My Navy Exchange reported that the desert cammies will not be restocked until fall 2024. This means that some Marines may be wearing uniforms that are not compliant with Marine standards for some time.

“That problem is going to stay with us until the fall of 2024 when the manufacturer can fill the backlog that has been created after COVID. Until that time, local commanders, battalions and squadrons are authorized to use FROG [flame-resistant organizational gear] gear or [desert-colored] cammies to mitigate,” Smith said.

He added, “What we cannot have is a situation where a Marine is wearing unserviceable cammies, because that looks bad for the Corps, and we can’t have a situation where that Marine is being given a hard time about those unserviceable cammies. We’re going to get this fixed, but it’s going to take a little patience.”

Leave to Joe Biden to create a shortage so our military can’t be clothed properly.

This development may have an effect on morale and troops may need to be reminded and encouraged to uphold the highest standards of the Marine Corps. The House just passed a spending bill to keep the government open for 45 days and nobody thought of an amendment to rush some uniforms to the Marine Core?

Woodland camouflage is the standard year-round uniform of the Marine Corps since 2016. The USMC Uniform Guidance EASONAL regulation states, “During the winter season, the woodland MCCUU will be worn with sleeves down and the designated seasonal service uniform will be Service ‘B.’” Upon transition to the summer season, effective with the move to DST, the woodland MCCUU will still be worn; however, sleeves will be rolled up and the designated season service uniform will be Service ‘C.’”