Man Who Drove Truck into GOP Tent Explains Sinister Motivation to Police


At very few times in American history has our nation been so hotly divided.

Conservatives and liberal, Republicans and Democrats, have seemingly lost all sense of American pride, and are now openly cheering for the demise of their fellow countrymen with whom they disagree.

It’s shameful and depressing, if we’re being honest, and the animosity it has produced has turned dangerous.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) took 27-year-old Gregory William Loel Timm into custody over the weekend after he drove a van into a GOP tent, where six volunteers were running a voter registration drive in a Walmart parking lot.

Here’s the scary part:

While authorities initially indicated that the motivation remained unclear, Timm told officers that he did it because “someone had to take a stand,” according to the police report.

Timm told authorities that he noticed the tent while picking up food and cigarettes at the store and willingly showed investigators the video of the incident. According to JSO’s report, Timm was “upset that the video ended before ‘the good part,’” when he crashed into the tent.

Timm would go on to explain to police that he had a great disdain for President Trump as well.

The vehicular madman will face two counts of aggravated assault in incident.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the attack.